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Kelly Lynn Curry

owner and trainer


 K Bar C Ranch is a fully functioning professional equine training facility. Here at the ranch we offer all of the  services to fulfill your equine needs; training, boarding, fitness/conditioning & rehabilitation with our state of the art q-line equine exerciser, breeding, riding lessons and performance horse sales. K Bar C Ranch is home to K bar C Performance Horses and K Bar C Arena all conveniently located right in the heart of the bluegrass state and horse capitol of the world. Our owner and trainer, Kelly Curry, is a professional barrel racer, full time equine trainer and has been training horses for more than 15 years. With her intricate training methods, Kelly  has been featured in the Horse Illustrated magazine several times and was named your 2017 National Horse Trainer of the Year. With her 15 years of experience training and starting colts, focusing on all-around performance horses, and having a woman's touch on training, she creates a quiet, soft mouthed, well balanced, eager to learn horse that is ready for any job thrown at them. Kelly offers training on outside horses as well as raising, starting and selling her own performance prospects. At our K Bar C Training Facility, we have an indoor arena, outdoor arena, Q-line exercise unit, multiple round pens and a Theraplate Vibration Therapy-that all add to our training program. We also have stalls and separate turn outs for each training horse. 

Here at K Bar C Performance Horses, our primary focus of training includes:​​

  • Starting young horses on the barrel pattern

  • Working with finished or previously patterned barrel horses

  • Working with problem barrel horses with things such as alley issues, turning style, shouldering, etc.

  • Seasoning barrel horses



"Parents, let your daughters grow up to be horse girls, because they will learn quickly and repeatedly that life isn't fair, that hard work is often trumped by Lady Luck, and that every defeat, not matter how terrible, is temporary. Let them dream big and kick on. Let them learn confidence, grace and grit. Let them build big muscles and strong backs.

Let your daughters grow up in the barn. Let them learn that buckets need filling and stalls need cleaning, even when it's raining, even when it's frozen, even when they have a different idea for how the day should go.

Teach them to drive trucks and trailers and ATVs. Teach them to change tires and wrap legs and give shots. And let them leave a spur mark, or a bit rub, or a bandage bow, and let them deal with the shame of causing pain to an animal they love.

Let them grow up with horses and with good horse people, because it will teach them to be humble, and to be resilient, and to be brave."

-this poem was written for me by a dear friend and I will cherish it forever


Aspen Russel

I HIGHLEY recommend Kelly Murphy-Alley and her horses. This filly especially nice in person. Kelly has a nice program, her stud is dog gentle and gorgeous, thick built, nice boned, pretty headed and throws consistently nice babies. This filly is my dream horse, just not in the market. Kelly starts her horses slow and right. No holes. Plus she understands nutrition, so no holes there either. Just saying-this is the ONE!

Tianna Cook


I wanted to let you know I have not really ran a horse since I broke my neck. I took HIGH LIFT to the field and just let him open up. Thank you for breeding and selling me the horse, I am getting my riding life back. Thank you, It has been 2 years since I could mentally let myself do that <3

Brittany Jean Kendall


3 months ago I owned a buddy sour horse that would spaz at the sight of a barrel, and I did not have the facility or time to work him through his issues consistently to get him where he needed to be. 
But now I can finally say we are on the right track! We are putting in the work to finally become a team, and I couldn’t be more proud of this sweet boy. Kelly Murphy-Alley in just 30 days worked out Simon’s kinks, and got him not only started on the pattern but made him such a handy horse to ride! He neck reins, lopes without having tantrums, and I finally feel 100% safe to let my horse run wide open in an open field without worrying about the what if’s. 
It’s so awesome that a horse I’ve grown up around and always loved, eventually became my heart horse and best friend

Katie DeVore Maffeo

" I highly recommend Kelly. She has taken excellent care of my horse and is incredibly understanding. The love and respect that she shows to her clients and their horse(s) is like no other. Thank you, Kelly!!!"

January 22, 2016

Karissa Labenz

"I was at KMA Performance Horses this past weekend for the rodeo queen clinic & have nothing but great things to say about the owners and their well-kept, beautiful facility! This Hoosier wishes that I lived in Kentucky so i could board my horse at KMA!! Beautiful scenery and such lovely people!!"

March 27, 2017    

Becci Loomer

"Kelly is training my daughters barrel horse and she is doing an awesome job. So so happy with our results and the lessons she gives with the training are very beneficial to both child and horse. Not only will they both have skills but they are learning together in a very positive way. Thank you Kelly for getting them started in the right direction!"

August 27, 2014

Cindy Lugo

"What a hand! Anyone would be blessed to ride behind Kelly Murphy- Honest, kind & awesome with a horse. You won't be disappointed."

August 14, 2013

Schon Michael Holman

"Kelly has had a passion for horses all her life. I've known her since high school and her pure passion is one of the main reasons why I would only trust my horses to Striking KMA Performance Horses. The skill they have there as well as a great staff is remarkable. Recommended to everyone."

November 12, 2013

Lyndsey Combs

"Amazing facility and people at KMA. Kelly and everyone there has worked so good to make an amazing establishment."

March 4, 2017

Kristen Freed

"Awesome place!! Kelly is super nice and very dedicated to what she does!!"

February 6, 2017

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