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K bar c ranch-house frenchies

Houston, Honeybear, K/C Teton Kidd, Stitch, Stella, Bella, and Lulu are all American Kennel Club Registered French Bulldogs. They have been DNA, color, and genetically tested through Embark. 

K/C Teton Kidd is from a toy frenchie line with direct lineage to England. You will see the difference as he matures as he is bred with lines directly to England where French Bulldogs originated. They are originally a cross breed and referred to as a small bull dog. 

To view each dog's Embark profile, click their picture to open a link in a new window.

We hope to welcome our first litter in the summer of 2023! Prices of puppies will range from $4,500 to $15,000. Puppies from our litters will make the perfect family dog, companion, travel partner, or therapy dog. Our puppies are NOT suited to be outdoor or working ranch dogs. Potential adopters are welcome to meet puppies, dams, and sires at K Bar C Ranch's kennel. 

For more information, please contact Kelly Curry directly at 859-797-4368.

The Dams and Sires of the K Bar C Ranch House Frenchies
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