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From the Bluegrass Parkway to K BAR C RANCH

(155 Troy Rd., Wilmore, KY 40390)


1.Head east on KY-9002 E

2.Take exit 68 for KY-33 toward Versailles

3.Turn right onto KY-33 S (signs for US-68)

4.Turn left onto Troy Rd


From I-64 to K BAR C RANCH

(155 Troy Rd., Wilmore, KY 40390)


1.Head east on I-64 E

2.Take exit 133 for KY-801

3.Turn left onto KY-801 N

4.Turn left to merge onto I-64 W toward Lexington

5.Take exit 113 for US-27/US-68 toward Paris/Lexington

6.Turn right onto US-27 S/US-68 W/N Broadway

7.Turn right onto New Circle Rd

8.Continue straight onto US-421 BYP N

9.Continue onto KY-4 W

10.Continue onto KY-4 S/US-60 E

11.Take exit 2 for US-68 toward Lexington/Harrodsburg

12.Turn right onto US-68 W/Harrodsburg Rd

13.Turn right onto McCauley Rd

14.Turn left onto Troy Rd


From I-75 to K BAR C RANCH

(155 Troy Rd., Wilmore, KY 40390)


1.Head southwest on I-640 W/I-75 S

2.Take exit 1 for TN-62/Western Ave

3.Turn left onto TN-62 E/Western Ave

4.Take the I-75 N/I-640 E ramp to Asheville/Lexington

5.Keep left and merge onto I-640 E/I-75 N

6.Take exit 3 for I-75 N/I-275 S toward Lexington/Knoxville

7.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 75 N/Lexington

8.Continue onto I-75 N

9.Take exit 59 for US-25 toward Mt Vernon/Livingston/US-150

10.Turn left onto US-25 N/S Wilderness Rd (signs for Mt.Vernon)

11.Continue onto US-150 W/Crab Orchard Rd

12.Turn right onto KY-39 N

13.KY-39 N turns left and becomes Main St

14.Continue onto KY-39 N/State Hwy 39/Lancaster St

15.Turn right onto Stanford St

16.Continue onto US-27 N/Lexington Rd

17.Turn left onto Shun Pike

18.Continue straight onto Short Shun Rd

19.Turn right onto State Hwy 3433/Jessamine Station Rd

20.Turn left onto KY-29 S/Wilmore Rd

21.Turn left onto US-68 W/Harrodsburg Rd

22.Turn right onto McCauley Rd

23.Turn left onto Troy Rd