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My name is Kelly Curry, and I am a full-time mother, business owner, barrel racer, horse trainer, and part-time model with C.M Modeling. I have 3 beautiful children (Doc, Denver, and Cash) and am married to the love of my life, Beau Curry.


I have been riding horses since I was a little girl which led to the start of my barrel racing career at age 11. Barrel racing has been my passion in life. I am a hardworking, dedicated, passionate, driven individual that believes that everyone should be given a chance to chase their dreams; and in order to make dreams come true, everyone needs a strong support team. In 2006, I joined High School rodeo which launched my barrel racing career into full swing and now is my lifelong career!


I proudly own and operate my own business which is a fully functioning equine training, breeding, boarding, and conditioning facility that is constantly growing. In 2016 I had my first crop of performance horse prospects by my first stallion, Cats Hillbilly Buck. In 2017, I was named National Horse Trainer of the Year which led to me releasing my equine training videos in 2018. In 2019, I introduced my equine exercise, conditioning and interval training program by adding the Q-Line Exerciser by VitaFloor (it's the only one in the state of Kentucky!). In 2020, we changed our brand to K/C Ranch: home of K/C Arena and K/C Performance Horses. 

On the K/C Arena page, you will find information on all aspects of the arena side of the ranch. If you are interested in training or breeding to one of the Ranch's stallions, please click the home button in the top right corner and navigate to our K/C Performance Horses page for more information!

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