Q-Line Equine Fitness & Rehabilitation

The Q-line products contribute to a better wellbeing for your horse. The entire condition, state of mind and vitality of your horse will improve with the help of the Q-line products. Using our Q-line exerciser, maneuverability, endurance and stronger bones are only a few of the traits your horse will be training. It provides your horse controlled and natural exercise resulting in stronger bones & better blood circulation to muscles.

 Controlled training is KEY in building body strength and increasing muscle tone correctly. 

Training by men is often not enough to meet the horses daily exercise. The exerciser is an efficient way to help enlarge or maintain the condition of your horse. By using Q-line your horse will be trained the right way, maintain their muscularity, vitality and endurance.


Our goal here at K Bar C Performance horses is to encourage fit and fast horses. We ask a lot of our horses and we will only provide the absolute best for them! Get your horses on the book today!!

We have teamed up with Hallway Feeds and their team of professionals to bring your the best nutrition plan specifically for them and a fitness plan to best fit their needs and goals. More information below

*Transportation can be arranged for a fee*


Before vs After.

LYRA had 30 days on our Q-line to get her rodeo ready!  We also created her a DAC vitamin & mineral program including the DAC Oil and Total Performance Plus 

YES! This is the same horse :)

Weigh Program for Q-Line Equine Fitness, Conditioning & Rehabilitation by Hallway Feeds

In an effort to further increase the value of using our Q-line Equine Exerciser, We will begin offering Hallway Feeds' Weighing Program to all horses that come into our exerciser program for the 30, 60 or 90 day program.

Hallway Feeds will bring out their portable scale, take body condition score and weight and record electronically. This will be done before they start their program and when they finish their program. Before and After confirmation photos will also be taken. By obtaining this information, Hallway Feeds and their team of professionals can propose suggested rations for each individual horse based on their activity level and goals allowing us to monitor your horse's change in weight and body condition score.

Upon leaving, you will be offered a suggested ration from Hallway. They will offer guidance and suggestions on what to continue to feed your horses, how much and for how long in order to maintain the desired results.

We do not want your horse to leave the K Bar C Q-Line program and digress, so it is very important to keep them on a nutrition program that will aid in the continuation of improving your horse as an athlete.

Programs Offered:

Layover Package:       $40/day (haul-in)     OR      $55/day (overnight with board)

*(x1) 1 hour session per day

*Hot water bath w/ liniment 

K Bar C Boarder Package:     $350

* available for current boarders only

*Duration: 1 week

*(x1) 1 hour session per day

*Hot water bath w/ liniment

*Includes  Mixed Grass Hay

*Excludes Hallway Feed

Basic Package:     $650

*Duration: 30 days

*(x1) 1 hour session per day

* Hot water bath w/ liniment

*Includes Board & Mixed Grass Hay

*Excludes Hallway Feed

*Retails @ $1250

 Intermediate Package:  $1200 

*Duration: 60 days

*(x1) 1 hour session per day

* Hot water bath w/ liniment

*Includes Board & Mixed Grass Hay

*Excludes Hallway Feed

*Retails @ $2500

Professional Package:    $1850

*Duration: 90 days

*(x1) 1 hour session per day

* Hot water bath w/ liniment

*Includes Board & Mixed Grass Hay

*Excludes Hallway Feed

*Retails @ $3750


Packages do vary to meet the direct needs of each horse specifically



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