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Q-Line Exerciser

The Q-line products contribute to better wellbeing for your horse. The entire condition, state of mind and vitality of your horse will improve with the help of the Q-line products. Using our Q-line exerciser, maneuverability, endurance and stronger bones are only a few of the traits your horse will be training. It provides your horse controlled and natural exercise resulting in stronger bones & better blood circulation to muscles.

Controlled training is KEY in building body strength and increasing muscle tone correctly. 

Training by men is often not enough to meet the horses daily exercise. The exerciser is an efficient way to help enlarge or maintain the condition of your horse. By using Q-line your horse will be trained the right way, maintain their muscularity, vitality and endurance. 


All pacakges include 1x one hour session per day of the package's duration. Packages for outside clients include limited turn out. Boarders packages include boarding turn out. 


$40/day (haul in) or $55/day (with board)


Only available for current boarders**

Includes board, grain, and hay

$850 per month

One Week

Only availble for current boarders**

Includes hay, excludes feed

$350 per week



60-day duration 

Includes board and hay, excludes feed

$1200 per 60 days


30-day duration

Includes board and hay, excludes feed

$650 per 30 days 


90-day duration

Includes board and hay, excludes grain

$1850 per 90 days

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