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DAC Transformations

Kelly Curry is a distributor for DAC Supplements and they can be added to your training program for an additional cost. Please visit the "Ranch Store" to purchase DAC supplements for yourself -- we do ship!

Power Fame
60-day transformation

1st 30 days he was on Dac Oil, Bloom & Digestive Feed Additive

2nd 30 days he was on Dac Oil, Digestive Feed Additive & Orange Superior
14 day transformation

This transformation happened in just 2 weeks!!! Kenny was on Orange Superior and Dac Oil
Sophisticated Curls "Kat"
30 day transformation

Dac Oil, Total Performance Plus & Orange Superior

Another satisfied DAC CUSTOMER! This is the before and after (only two weeks) of a mare on the DAC OIL


90 days on DAC Oil & Orange Superior!

<--- AFTER

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