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Hello! My name is Kelly Curry and I proudly own and operate my own business which is a fully functioning equine training, breeding, boarding, and conditioning facility that is constantly growing. In 2016 I had my first crop of performance horse prospects by my first stallion, Cats Hillbilly Buck. In 2017, I was named National Horse Trainer of the Year which led to me releasing my equine training videos in 2018. In 2019, I introduced my equine exercise, conditioning, and interval training program by adding the Q-Line Exerciser by VitaFloor (it's the only one in the state of Kentucky!). In 2020, I changed my brand to K/C Ranch: home of K/C Arena and K/C Performance Horses. 

On the K/C Performance horse page, you will find all information regarding our breeding program and training and conditioning program. 

Our books are OPEN for our 2024 breeding season for our two stallions: Cats Hillbilly Buck and Force Thru Traffic!

Please contact us directly for more information and for bookings.

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