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This package includes (x10) 20 minute sessions. These sessions will take place at the K Bar C Facility. This package requires owner and horse to haul in to K Bar C Facility.

Once you have purchased a session we will get in contact via e-mail or phone (your choice) to schedule an appointment. Please leave us a note during your purchase on how you would rather be contacted, if by phone, please note your phone number. Thank you!!

TheraPlate is vibration therapy for the whole body. It is used in many different species including dogs, cats, horses and humans. At the K Bar C Performance Horses, we use the TheraPlate primarily for horses. In horses, the use of the TheraPlate include improved circulation, improved muscle mass, decrease in injuries, improved joint health and function, improved balance, decrease in stress, pain relief and much more!

For more information visit
(true price- $35/session)

TheraPlate Bronze Package

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